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aminé breaks down "caroline" on genius' video series 'verified'
kendrick lamar and mary j. blige bring new life to bruce springsteen's "american skin (41 shots)"
rewind: the evolution of beyoncé
campaign speech

eminem’s “campaign speech,” much like his last freestyle leading up to an album, is a verbal onslaught with dense wordplay and rhyme schemes devoid of reverence for anyone with popularity. from dylann roof to trayvon martin, donald trump to edward norton, eminem leaves no one out. a campaign speech is what you stand for and believe in when running for a position of power. the song fittingly dropped the day of the third presidential debate, and 19 days before election 2016. the seven and just over half minute freestyle was released on october 19, 2016 on shade45’s sway in the morning.

drew_harvie http://genius.com/drew_harvie
the weeknd

“starboy” is the weeknd’s realization of his mega-stardom. transforming from mysterious canadian act to billboard mainstay, the weeknd has come a long way, but with negative consequences in his journey to the top, the weeknd has developed mixed feelings towards fame. “starboy” potentially marks a new era for the weeknd. on the release date of the song, abel posted an instagram picture with the caption “r.i.p ‘@abelxo,’” marking the turn of his character and sound. the song features production from french electronic duo daft punk, marking the first collaboration between the weeknd and daft punk. it’s the latter’s first single since “give life back to music” was released in early 2014. “starboy” is the title track and lead single from the weeknd’s third studio album, expected to release november 25th, 2016. he unveiled the album cover on twitter the day before the song was

nelzy http://genius.com/nelzy

portland-born rapper aminé has been simmering with underground releases, but he appears ready to break into the mainstream with his viral hit ”caroline.” he’s already picking up famous fans; miguel snapchatted himself singing the song. aminé made the beat along with another portland producer, pasqué. aminé also directed the video, which includes clever visual references to the filmmaker quentin tarantino, who’s namechecked in the lyrics. in an interview with genius, aminé explained the the first time i heard the name “caroline” was in outkast’s “roses,” so that was definitely an influence on me in general. but i wrote this song with the intentions of hopefully making a modern day “billie jean.” caroline represents the handful of women i’ve met in my life that i would put genuine effort in.

heyamine http://genius.com/heyamine
shout out to my ex
little mix

“shout out to my ex” is a farewell message to all of little mix’s ex-boyfriends. each group member offers sarcastic thanks to the men for helping to make them who they are today—women who are totally over them and much stronger for it. the lyrics contain a lot of references to perrie’s ex, zayn malik. the band announced on twitter that the song would be released after they performed it for the first time ever on the x factor uk. following it’s release, the track reached #1 on the official uk singles chart, becoming their 4th #1 single in the uk.

stanb14 http://genius.com/stanb14
don't wanna know
maroon 5

“don’t wanna know” is a song about past lovers. adam focuses on not wanting to know what his ex-lover has been up to or who she’s been with since they broke up, while kendrick shows his ex what she’s been missing. this is maroon 5’s first single since 2015’s “this summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker” off of the rerelease of their fifth album, v.

drew_harvie http://genius.com/drew_harvie
juju on that beat (tz anthem)
zay hilfigerrr

a breakout hit for detroit rappers zay hilfigerrr and zayion mccall, “tz anthem” is a viral song in the same vein of previous tracks like “hit the quan,” with lyrics centering around various dance moves. zay and zayion rap over the beat to crime mob’s 2004 classic “knuck if you buck,” and interpolate a portion of that record. “tz anthem,” or “juju on that beat,” went viral after the dance troupe fresh the clowns posted their #tzanthemchallenge video. that led others to make their own clips, and the dance craze blew up.

zayhilfigerrr http://genius.com/zayhilfigerrr
young m.a

“ooouuu” is a cloudy club banger from buzzing brooklyn rapper young m.a. the spacey production from u-dubb allows m.a to showcase her skills—dropping witty punchlines as she flows smoothly from line to line.

young-ma http://genius.com/young-ma
denzel curry

“ultimate” is the breakout hit by florida rapper denzel curry. it became popular in 2016 thanks to a video meme that uses the song’s high-intensity hook to punctuate any unexpectedly “savage” the song marks the climax of aggression on denzel curry’s double ep 32 zel/planet shrooms. ronny j’s chaotic production paired with curry’s unique brand of wordplay come together for a banger that only gets more relentless as curry’s vocals intensify in the second verse. when asked about the song’s adoption by viral memes, denzel i made this a year ago. and to see what it did now is funny as hell, cause its like, damn, this been out, but people just now catching on to it. people feel like they’re ultimate. i feel like its a blessing that all this is happening because its bringing more attention to myself and my music. the use term of “ult/ultimate” by denzel curry and his c9 crew seems to have originated from this song.

basedgator http://genius.com/basedgator
in the name of love
martin garrix

martin garrix teams up with singer bebe rexha for this 2016 single. the song was premiered an the ultra music festival and released officially on friday, july 29. garrix hinted about the new song on the dutch television programme rtl late night. the track opens with some warm, yet very low-key pianos and guitars, giving bebe rexha a huge amount of room for her gorgeous vocals, before building up energy with some anthemic drums, and dropping a future-bass style drop, with a squeaky, vocal-style synth spirals above a sea of swelling synth chords.

chihuahua0 http://genius.com/chihuahua0

premier extrait du premier album, intitulé agartha, de vald. le clip est entièrement réalisé sur fond vert pour y faciliter l'incrustation. l'incrustation est une technique d'effets spéciaux dans le domaine du cinéma et de la photo. cela consiste à intégrer dans une même image par logiciel, des objets et décors filmés séparément ou des objets 3d par ordinateur. vald vous propose par ailleurs de télécharger le clip en 720p ou 1080p et de faire votre propre version du clip que vous enverrez par email sur le lien suivant : description détaillée du clip :

drugtheportuguese http://genius.com/drugtheportuguese
the chainsmokers

“closer” is a millennial romance anthem that celebrates youth and heartbreak. it features vocals from singer-songwriter halsey and chainsmokers member andrew taggart, marking the first time the chainsmokers feature their vocals on a track—taggart previously performed backing vocals for the chorus of “roses”. it is also their first collaboration with halsey. at the 2016 mtv vmas, both the duo and halsey performed “closer”. the duo teased the performance as “new level” on twitter. this was the second time that “closer” was performed at madison square garden — the first being at halsey’s sold-out badlands tour show on august 13th, 2016 where the chainsmokers performed as guests. in september 2016, after “closer” had already reached the summit of the billboard hot 100, isaac slade and joe king, respectively the lead singer and guitarist of the fray, were given additional songwriting credits on the song due to the similarity of its chorus to the verses of their 2005 breakout hit, “over my head (cable car).” how blink 182’s “i miss you” inspired the chainsmokers and halsey’s “closer”

nightospheric http://genius.com/nightospheric
tiimmy turner

“tiimmy turner” is desiigner’s highly anticipated follow up single to his chart-topping debut, panda. it was transformed from desiigner’s polarizing “xxl freshman freestyle.” a remix featuring kanye west was released early in september.

desiigner http://genius.com/desiigner
false alarm
the weeknd

“false alarm” is an ode to a woman consumed by her love of material and who has been caught up in the ‘flashing lights’ and pressure that has come with a privileged lifestyle. the weeknd released “false alarm” on september 29th, 2016, just a week after the release of “starboy,” the lead single and title track from his upcoming album. abel hinted about this track on twitter back in april 2015: the music video for this track was released on october the 13th, 2016 and was directed by ilya naishuller, the director behind first-person cyber-action film hardcore henry.

daddyfatsax http://genius.com/daddyfatsax
black beatles
rae sremmurd

swae lee, slim jxmmi, mike will made it, and gucci mane team up to compare themselves to the legendary english rock band, the beatles—addressing their fame, women, and, most importantly, their money. rae sremmurd’s label boss and go-to producer mike will made it was discovered and put on by gucci, with collabs dating back all the way to 2007. jxmmi appeared on a remix of gucci’s “i wouldn’t do it.”

swinelord http://genius.com/swinelord
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