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Description phil ramunno - user experience designer

Długość: 39, Słowa: 6
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public library catalog

a new generation of library patrons expects to be able to interact with their library online just as easily as in person.

my team and i set out to create a public access catalog that gives communities all over the world access to their library's collection from any device. i was one of two designers responsible for the user experience and interface design of the application. we used lean ux methodologies to rapidly sketch, prototype, test, and iterate on our designs.

the system is focused on allowing users to search for content, refine the search, and place a hold on their desired title. the ui is responsive and strictly compliant with web and accessibility standards, so that every member of the community can have equal access to their library's services.

as one librarian using our catalog put it:
"i love it. it’s so easy to navigate and limit searches. i’ve started working on my fall programs and it was the fastest i have ever found my books and put holds on those i wanted to use or look at from other branches."



responsible for the interaction design, motion graphics, and development (actionscript, xml, javascript) of interactive content on the samsung.com homepage, product category homepages, product microsites, and the samsung cnet page.



our redesign of panasonic.com focused on educating the customer about panasonic products while they decide which brand/product is right for them. i supported the overall redesign by developing interactive microsites for the "learn about it" section within each product category. these microsites focused on presenting the unique features of their products in a visually compelling and technically innovative way.

i was responsible for the interaction design, motion graphics, and front-end development (actionscript, javascript, xml) for panasonic.com's featured content modules and product microsites.

sometimes that required me to navigate users around a 3d model of a dirty bathroom to promote ventiliation fans or dress up like a busker and show off my juggling skills to help demonstrate the image stabilization capabilities of the latest digital camera.


samsung wow challenge

to launch two unique cell phones for samsung, we partnered with internet personality ze frank to create the wow challenge, a campaign promoting creativity for a good cause.

as design technologist, i was responsible for developing (actionscript, javascript) the applications that allowed participants to create original artwork from user-submitted content.

the samsung blue earth was one of the first solar powered cell phones on the market, so we asked participants to express themselves with the help of the sun. they took pictures of shadows, in the shape of a letter, and uploaded them to our app. we used these letters to create a dynamic shadow font that anyone could use to create and share an eco-friendly message.

the samsung corby was one of the first cell phones available in a variety of bright colors, so we asked participants to express themselves with color. users took pictures that were mostly monochromatic and uploaded them to our app, where they were added to a palette of colors. users were then able to paint digital pictures using the photos they (and everyone else) uploaded as pixels in their masterpieces.

the shadow font was published in the 3d type book (2011) by london design studio fl@33.


library website platform

library websites are notoriously bad, despite their patrons desire for a modern online experience that works on all of the devices they're using. so what's the problem?

i talked with librarians all around the united states and learned that a lack of budget, not desire, was preventing their library from having a better online presence. hiring an in-house web developer or paying a contractor to build a custom website is out of the question for all but the largest library systems. maintaining and updating the site after launch was also a major problem.

with these problems in mind, i teamed up with a developer to build a responsive, library-centric wordpress theme that provides libraries with all of the functionality and maintainability they're looking for, but at a price they can afford.

we used lean startup principles to create an mvp that we sold to libraries in several states around the united states. we worked closely with these libraries and ran weekly user studies to rapidly improve our product. as we progressed and started taking libraries live with new websites, we pivoted to a productized service that includes initial setup and technical support and maintanence throughout the year.


panasonic share the air

we partnered with pro skateboarder ryan sheckler to promote panasonic's newest headphone line and their sponsorship of the dew tour, an extreme sports event that tours the country each summer.

"share the air" allowed extreme sports fans to submit their photos and videos to monthly contests that were judged by professional sports photographers. winners received prize packages and panasonic products, including sheckler's signature headphones.

i was responsible for developing (actionscript, javascript, xml) the "gear" and "tour" sections of the microsite, which promoted the newest cameras and displayed the latest pictures from tour stops throughout the summer.

download pdf docs/ramunno_resume.pdf
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phil@philramunno.com mailto:phil@philramunno.com
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2008 webaward for outstanding achievement in web development http://www.webaward.org/winner.asp?eid=11638#.u-0o54bdwbg
the 3d type book (2011) http://www.vimeo.com/19628026
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