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Titleobject management group

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Description welcome to the website of the object management group. we are celebrating 25 years of setting the standard! the object management group (omg) is an international, omg, open membership, not-for-profit technology standards consortium industry standards consortium. omg task forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies and an even wider range of industries. omg s modeling standards enable powerful visual design, execution and maintenance of software and other processes. on this index page you will find links to upcoming events, specifications, news, and other resources.

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Keywords omg 25th anniversary, cisq, cloud, cscc, government data, government data standards, technology standards consortium, technology standards, decision model and notation, dmn, uml, mda, corba, omg, iot, m2m, meetings, idl, xml, architecture board elections, technology, middleware, webcast, bei, cloud, sysml, mof, dds, soa, bpm, bpmn, mda, specifications, cisq, cwm, xmi, financial industry business ontology, security, business architecture, semantics, system assurance. fibo, ontology, sdn, health level seven, hl7
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omg is a founding member of the edgex foundry
read blog
omg is a founding member of the edgex foundry
read blog
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- be-a-member-a.htm
- omg-rss.htm
here news/meetings/tc/tmresource-hub/va-17/index.htm
new to omg? let us guide you! news/about/newtoomg.htm
read more quotes.htm#pd
webmaster@omg.org mailto:webmaster@omg.org
bd-team@omg.org mailto:bd-team@omg.org
webtech@omg.org mailto:webtech@omg.org
site map site-map.htm
contact us contact.htm

Linki zewnętrzne

home http://www.omg.org/index.htm
about us http://www.omg.org/gettingstarted/gettingstartedindex.htm
press room http://www.omg.org/news/pressroom.htm
calendar http://www.omg.org/news/schedule/upcoming.htm
documents http://www.omg.org/spec/index.htm
members area http://www.omg.org/members
technology http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/index.htm
industries http://www.omg.org/homepages/index.htm
programs and certifications http://www.omg.org/programs.htm
- http://www.omg.org/yt/
- http://www.omg.org/tp
- http://www.omg.org/ggl/index.htm
- http://www.omg.org/t
- http://www.omg.org/in
- http://www.omg.org/fb
- https://www.brighttalk.com/channel/12231/object-management-group
omg webinars http://www.omg.org/news/schedule/member_events.htm#ww
cybersecurity initiatives http://www.omg.org/hot-topics/cybersecurity-initiatives.htm
spacecraft ground systems http://www.omg.org/hot-topics/spacecraft-ground-systems-rfi.htm
omg and the iiot http://www.omg.org/hot-topics/iot-standards.htm
read more http://www.omg.org/hot-topics/index.htm
speakers announced for june european business architecture innovation summit http://www.omg.org/news/releases/pr2017/04-20-17.htm
trisotech partners with allegiance advisory group, bruce silver associates and red hat http://www.omg.org/news/member-news/dmnquickstart-program.pdf
read more http://www.omg.org/news/pressroom.htm
read more http://www.omg.org/news/meetings/tc/brussels-17/info.htm
- http://www.omg.org/members
see what our members say http://www.omg.org/quotes.htm
become a sponsor today! http://www.omg.org/memberservices/annual-sponsorship.htm
tweets by @objectmgmtgroup https://twitter.com/objectmgmtgroup
read blog http://blog.omg.org/
- http://www.omg.org/dt-banner
- http://www.omg.org/nomagic-17
- http://www.omg.org/gartner-ppm-banner
- http://www.omg.org/gartner-security
- http://www.omg.org/rtc-mag-banner
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|home | about us | press room | calendar | documents | members area | technology | industries | programs and certifications follow us: omg webinars cybersecurity initiatives spacecraft ground systems omg and the iiot read more speakers announced for june european business architecture innovation summit -april 20, 2017 trisotech partners with allegiance advisory group, bruce silver associates and red hat -april 14, 2017 michael bennett, finance dtf chair, is quoted in risk.net about using the omg fibo® standard in blockchain transactions. -june 23, 2016 --> read more june 5-9, 2017, brussels, belgium most omg standards work happens at our quarterly technical meetings. come together, network, and collaborate on technology standards that will have a significant impact on your organization. missed last meeting? see groups' reports here. read more new to omg? let us guide you! see what our members say become a sponsor today! omg member quotes: gary duncanson, president & ceo, no magic, inc. “it goes without saying that our team’s work with omg has made a significant impact on our company’s direction and presence in the industry....” read more tweets by @objectmgmtgroup richard soley's blog: omg is a founding member of the edgex foundry the purpose of the edgex foundry is to build a common open framework for #iot edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components to accelerate enterprise and industrial #iot. read blog omg supported events: copyright © 1997-2017 object management group, inc. all rights reserved. for questions about the website , please contact webmaster@omg.org. contact bd for info on joining omg at bd-team@omg.org for technical questions, please contact webtech@omg.org. this site is best viewed with mozilla firefox or internet explorer versions 6.0 or later or any browser capable of viewing javascript and css 2.0. the site is using dhtml javascript menu by milonic.com. site map. contact us. dhtml menu by milonic javascript

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with - 1.3% (4)
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hat - 1.3% (4)
more - 1.3% (4)
2017 - 1.3% (4)
june - 0.97% (3)
about - 0.97% (3)
standard - 0.97% (3)
javascript - 0.97% (3)
edge - 0.97% (3)
blog - 0.65% (2)
object - 0.65% (2)
milonic - 0.65% (2)
#iot - 0.65% (2)
all - 0.65% (2)
menu - 0.65% (2)
foundry - 0.65% (2)
any - 0.65% (2)
dhtml - 0.65% (2)
please - 0.65% (2)
questions - 0.65% (2)
that - 0.65% (2)
using - 0.65% (2)
standards - 0.65% (2)
group, - 0.65% (2)
-april - 0.65% (2)
members - 0.65% (2)
technology - 0.65% (2)
technical - 0.65% (2)
come - 0.65% (2)
say - 0.65% (2)
inc. - 0.65% (2)
see - 0.65% (2)
impact - 0.65% (2)
significant - 0.65% (2)
edgex - 0.65% (2)
read more - 1.3% (4)
at our - 0.97% (3)
please contact - 0.65% (2)
site is - 0.65% (2)
menu by - 0.65% (2)
, please - 0.65% (2)
impact on - 0.65% (2)
a significant - 0.65% (2)
about us - 0.65% (2)
the edgex - 0.65% (2)
, please contact - 0.65% (2)
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