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Titlelonghorn gas - home

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Description longhorn gas is a members only valet gas company that fills up your boats, personal water crafts, and fuel cans during the week.

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longhorn gas
who we are
how it works
what it costs
about the gasoline
getting started...
sign up for 1 year membership * required
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you authorize longhorn gas /images/yootheme/disclosure_regarding_purchase _and_distribution.pdf
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--> home | about us | contact --> --> longhorn gas short answer: a godsend. long answer: longhorn gas puts gas in your boats, personal water crafts, and fuel cans during the week. say good bye to hunting for gasoline on the lake or hauling gasoline down to your dock. life is too short to waste it hauling gas. as a member of longhorn gas, you just enjoy the lake and all it has to offer and then give us a call on your way out (at 469-324-9960) and leave a message about what you want filled up and when you think you will be coming back to the lake. we'll get you on the schedule for the following monday - friday, so your toys are ready for use when you return. for full time residents, we'll work with you to get you filled up as soon as possible. for those of you who worry about the details, here's how this works... we drive our gasoline trailer to your home and then transport the fuel using a "gas caddie" to the dock and fill up all boats, personal water crafts, and any gasoline cans. it's that simple! but, we prefer that you just think of us as the magic gas fairy. every time you come back to the lake all of your watercraft are magically full. about the quality of our gasoline we are water enthusiasts ourselves, and like keeping our watercraft on the lake. that's why we use only regular non ethanol gasoline. ethanol is added to most gasoline available at the pump and can be very harmful to your boats and water crafts, potentially limiting its useful lifetime. it's so important to us to keep your boats running smooth, that if we cannot locate non ethanol we will treat the gasoline with a additive the offsets the ethanol. please do not underestimate the importance of using non ethanol. see more what we charge your longhorn gas membership is just $250 per year. that's right, basically nothing, but what's more is that your membership pays for itself, because we charge about 50 cents less for gas than anywhere else you'll find on the lake. not to mention the time and headache savings you get by eliminating the need to go across the lake to fill up! does it sound too good to be true? well, our price per gallon will always be displayed on longhorngas.com. when we fill up your crafts, we'll automatically charge the credit card on file and email you a receipt with the exact number of gallons you purchased, price per gallon, and total charge to your credit card. you don't have to do a thing. then at the end of each calendar year we will email you a form to file with the state of texas and your total number of gallons purchased from longhorn gas. by filling out and mailing this form you will receive a 19 cents additional per gallon rebate from the state of texas. run the math on that!! even the most casual lake users will pay for their membership just by letting us help them take advantage of a state funded rebate program. what we are not we are not concierge "on-call" service. we do all fill ups monday - friday. think of us as you would your pool or lawn service. we are also not a repair service. we don't work on or put oil in your boats or water crafts, and you don't want us to!--> the wind in your hair. your foot on the gas. a smile on your face. when you're on the water, nothing else matters. and that's how it should be. but that whole gas in the tank thing (or not enough gas in the tank) can get in the way of your fun. and that's where we come in. longhorn gas is your ace in the hole (or rather your gas in the tank) when it comes to being filled up at all the right times. we are here to provide the service you need so you can enjoy your time on the boat without a care. we're kind of like the magic gas fairy. every time you come to the lake, your boats and watercrafts are magically full and ready for your use. who we are longhorn gas is a service company that puts gas in your boats, personal water crafts, and fuel cans during the week so you can hit the water without delay. your time is precious, so why waste it hunting for gasoline on the lake or hauling it down to your dock? we'll take care of it for you so you can spend every available moment enjoying the outdoors. how it works you enjoy your time on the lake. when you're done, leave us a message at 469-324-9960. then, we'll get you on our schedule so your toys are filled up and ready to go when you need them. it's as easy as that. what it costs by signing up, you authorize longhorn gas as your agent to purchase gasoline on your behalf. we buy your gasoline from the nearest service station and then put an additive in the gasoline to offset the ethanol. our driver will drive their truck to your home and then transport your fuel using a "gas caddie" and/or gas cans to the dock and fill up all boats, personal water crafts, and any gasoline cans. we then email you a conformation that your order was fulfilled and a receipt of the charges. it's that simple! every time you come back to the lake or go to use your crafts, they will always be conveniently, magically full. the annual fee for longhorn gas is $250, and the gas service fee is just 60 cents per gallon. but, our service can actually save you money as well, by eliminating the need for you to deplete your gas while venturing across the lake to fill up, circle around, and return. this can cost $10 per watercraft per trip, and if you have multiple crafts, it can really add up. also many marinas sell their gasoline at a $1 premium or more. if you're buying gas at the marina, our service company is a no-brainer. if you are one of those that is going to the service station to buy your gasoline, and hauling it down to your watercraft, and then holding those cans until they empty - you have just been freed! about the gasoline we are water enthusiasts ourselves, and use the best techniques and products to keep our watercraft running great. we purchase 87 octane gasoline unless you request a higher grade. we treat all gasoline with an additive that offsets ethanol; ethanol is added to most gasoline available at the pump and can be very harmful to boats and water crafts, potentially limiting their lifetime use. for more information on the importance of using non-ethanol gas in your boat and watercraft, click here. getting started... 1) fill out membership form below which includes billing informaiton.2) call to set up a time to fill your watercraft (469-324-9860). you will get an instant confirmation of your order.3) enjoy the lake! --> getting started... sign up for 1 year membership * required *lake: cedar creek lakelake athens *last name: *first name: *social security #: why do we need this? example: 1113335555 --> *birthdate: 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031