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Tytuł stronyilance - instant marketplace | auction software built to scale.

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- /features
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explore features /features#new
free demo /demos
flexible licensing /pricing
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home http://www.ilance.com
features http://www.ilance.com/features
demo http://www.ilance.com/demos
buy now http://www.ilance.com/pricing
app store http://www.ilance.com/apps
services http://www.ilance.com/services
contact https://www.ilance.com/contact
account center https://www.ilance.com/members
connect forum http://www.ilance.com/forum/
affiliate program http://www.ilance.com/partner
get hosting https://www.ilance.com/services/web-hosting
get programming https://www.ilance.com/services/programming
technical specifications http://www.ilance.com/features/specs
- http://www.ilance.com
features http://www.ilance.com/features
demo http://www.ilance.com/demos
buy now http://www.ilance.com/pricing
app store http://www.ilance.com/apps
services http://www.ilance.com/services
contact https://www.ilance.com/contact
ac https://www.ilance.com/members
- https://www.ilance.com/pricing
email https://www.ilance.com/members/forgot-email
password https://www.ilance.com/members/forgot-password
how do i register? http://www.ilance.com/faq/ilance-com-website#56
bid http://www.ilance.com/features
buy http://www.ilance.com/apps/stores
sell http://www.ilance.com/forward-auction
want http://www.ilance.com/apps/wantads
hire http://www.ilance.com/reverse-auction
affordable hosting ready http://www.ilance.com/services/web-hosting

what is ilance?

ilance software let's you launch your own marketplace site connecting buyers and sellers searching for products or services on your own web site.


customize everything.

ilance is packaged with full sources to make your own changes. customize everything and create your masterpiece.


speaks multi-languages.

create and administer new languages in your marketplace for maximum geographic flexibility.


plug-in architecture.

ilance was built to let programmers extend and create new functionality in the form of add-ons.

i'm a new ilance customer and i can't say enough about how impressed i am with the platform and support i'm receiving. i researched auction scripts for almost 2 months before deciding on ilance. i don't believe there's anything else out there that... - neal w. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-75
i have been looking for an auction solution for a long time and i finally found just what i was looking for with ilance. the team at ilance have been incredibly helpful and got back to me quickly with their help and advice. i thoroughly recommend... - pete r. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-102
ilance marketplace solution is awesome, i can't say enough about how well its been tailored to the best of the industry standards. our team has used other products with varying degree of satisfaction, but this ilance two-in-one (2 in 1)product beats... - adams m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-106
i have found ilance to be a bargain at full price. the depth of the platform is impressive and the actual marketplace highly configurable in that you can turn most features on and off easily. i would recommend ilance for serious online auction... - deepak s. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-35
we are incredibly happy with your product. thank you so much for developing it, and working to help us make the right decision. really awesome business you've got there. - matthew c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-101
you and your team have always been awesome. that’s one big reason i keep this project going after all these years. - bill p. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-90
the software offers a ton of different functions. you all thought of everything! it is extremely reasonably priced and the support team is exceptional. it fit my business plan perfectly. thank you! sonia - sonia g. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-60
thank you once again for your truly supportive and helpful decision, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for me to have this great software. - fabrice g. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-10
your answers to my many questions have helped me make more informed recommendations to my partners. - bobby c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-2
from the auction site designed by the ilance team to the support, everything is just amazing. soon as you ask a question it's answered by a professional. if you purchased from any other auction site developer out there smack your self in the face... - gary b. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-33
in 2007 we purchased and then started customizing ilance extensively .we have customers in ilance who are top businesses in the us & canada who are completely satisfied and successful with ilance. let it be reverse auction, forward or even... - bruno c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-44
i have to say that i love this script, and researched scripts for over a month. i almost didn't go here, because cost, but i have to say, it is worth every penny. the flexability that you added to your admin is like no other. - renaud c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-20
ilance is very powerful solution. i am satisfied. support is excellent and responds quickly. i used different systems, but ilance one of the best. only the price is higher. thank you! - fran d. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-45
anyone who's looking for a complete marketplace, look no further! ilance will walk you through every step of the process and make sure everything is just like you want it. again, thanks a ton ilance!! - chris e. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-23
this is serious development app at the end of the day. but : theme put into making just a psd, what kind of seriousness? is this the best price? - burhan a. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-70
extensibility: the api/plugin system looks awesome. i haven’t seen anything like it in a web application. documentation: the tutorials section has a lot of great stuff. again, something you don’t see very often. regards, k. - kurt s. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-78
i got the entire code instead of some hidden or encrypted one, which helped me a lot.it is based on a mvc, i dont think most apps dont do it as mvc(since they would like to see $$ in customization too) but ilance was designed better for those who... - christopher a. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-50
ilance is simply perfect. all the codes are solid, and you can create the look you want for your website. and the support is always present, they care about your project. it is the best deal for you to have a market place on the internet. - jonatan l. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-99
ilance is an excellent product. it was very easy to customize. i am more satisfied with ilance support thank you! - dave m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-52
my business partner and i are both very pleasantly surprised with the ease of use of the package/website and the capability of the platform. if anything we find ourselves scaling back a lot of the functionality and not needing to add any extra’s... - lauren t. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-79
i had the challenge to use this script in my language (2bytes) environment, but we can solve these problem quick with good and quick support from ilance staff! other script can't get this kind of quick support, in my experience... - ryuto m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-34
i praise you for your excellent support once again. - ian c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-11
very nice software i have purchased many auction software but this is the best one so far. - shoaib k. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-97
thanks for the great service, i am really happy with you guys. - dhari a. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-77
thanks to you and the ilance team for a good product and support. - dan r. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-61
i have to say that i am very impressed with ilance, the people and the product! i've had the pleasure of working with both erin and wojtek and they have been great! - vincent c. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-37
i consider software to be great when you can tailor and configure it out-of-the-box to suite your business model, ilance accomplishes this hands-down. keep it up! - ivor i. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-74
i recently purchased ilance marketplace software and hosting services from your company for my business. my experience was one of the most satisfying as it related to getting the service up and running. the installation was quick, error free and... - paul w. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-62
i have professionally been using the ilance auction platform for years, since 2006. the platform itself is under continuous improvement. many features have been conceptualized and implemented based on user request and feedback. the best thing about... - michael b. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-49
as always thanks to the ilance crew for their support, its very rare these days to find a script which continues ongoing development to this scale, and heavily incorporates customer feedback into its design process. - sarah b. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-22
dear team ilance, thank you very much for all your help with the licence. all went well. regards austin - austin d. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-84
this is a fantastic product! you guys have made one awesome application, and i thank you for it - jennifer b. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-47
i initially had to choose between 10 different companies that were providing auction software, after my first conversation with erin i knew ilance was the way to go, the customer support is awesome. now, i am by far not the most technology savy... - peter t. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-107
i would like to thank erin and peter for their exceptional turn-around times when responding to customer queries. i had an issue on my new website which i reported to them as a bug. the bug was fixed within 24 hours! i am so grateful for your prompt... - victor k. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-93
as a mum this script has been the best thing for me i am now able to work from home running my own business and running my own auction script without trouble.unlike most scripts out there ilance has provided with a professional look and constant... - lucy s. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-48
when it comes to looking to acquire new software, my first and most important point is the software must be easy to use and intuitive. secondly i get in contact with the developers and see how they communicate with a prospective customer, me! i... - paul h. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-105
one of the best auction software ever used very professional looking, very great concepts to help my business grow. don't know what i would have done if i didn't find this products a++++++ in my book. - brandon m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-71
ilance provided me a solution that was very closely related to my existing business plan, team ilance assisted me to deploy my marketplace with minimal effort and to top it all off i was provided with my own professional that worked with me... - bernie t. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-46
thank you ilance team members for answering my questions and for helping me with the issues i had with my website. also, thank you to the users who responded to my questions. before buying the software i was very skeptical that this is not a... - josein h. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-91
after shopping around, i purchased the ilance software. after hiring a developer to make customizations, i realized that i paid a tenth of what some web design firms quoted me for a site with less features. as far as i'm concerned, ilance is... - edward m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-41
dear friends, before buying, i studied the demo version of the ilance software and searched for ilance reviews on the net via google. i decided to order ilance script despite of some negative reviews in some forums. i also read some peter’s... - wilbard m. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-98
this is an amazing package, and the support received is above and beyond what you would receive elsewhere. even though i am over the other side of the world they were so helpful. also their hosting is worth while getting as i had issues with other... - hannah p. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-85
ilance's professional service team was very responsive to our custom installation requirements. thanks again peter. - enrique d. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-96
your program really works great and everything we wanted to change was possible via your admin interface. best, mathias - mathias s. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-95
you guys really are pretty awesome, and even with our complications, we could not have made a better choice. - chris j. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-66
thanks to you and your team for the good customer services and after sales support. erin and woj have been superb. cheers. - kingsley i. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-55
for the record, i very happy with the ilance platform, it's very solid. also your support has been outstanding, many thanks. robert. - robert v. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-76
just wanted to let you know that the new design in 4.1 looks awesome. but not only does it look great it's also progressive regarding html-code. i am looking forward to new releases in the future with more or extended functionality. - timur u. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-80
i had a problem moving my software to a staging server. peter from ilance responded to me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes later my problem was solved. great support. - ben e. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-92
it is refreshing to deal with software developers who want their customers to succeed. - winston h. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-67
i bought it couple of weeks ago and i'm really excited with the product. even if i should fail to earn a single buck with it i will not regret that i bought it. congratulations, great work, ilance! - anton l. http://www.ilance.com/customers#testimonial-19
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