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Titleigalia: open source consultancy

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Description igalia is a specialised company with years of experience in open source development offering consultancy, training and innovation. igalia works on webkit and other web technologies like javascript compilers (v8 and jsc) and has expertise in bringing accessibility (a11y) to platforms such as gnome or meego/tizen. igalia is also able to offer highly specialised training on these technologies.

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Keywords igalia, free software, free software engineering, development, consultancy, webkit consultancy, consulting, webkit consulting, programming, hackers, cooperative organization, organization, company, assembly, igalia.com, igalia sl, webkit, webkitgtk, a11y, v8, jsc, training, gnome, webkit consultants, chromium consulting, chromium consultants, chromium consultancy, blink consultants, blink consultancy
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igalia is an open source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions.
what we do
featured news (show more)
blog posts (show more)
browsers and client-side web technologies
H4 igalia has joined the khronos group!
asumu takikawa joins igalia
igalia at the genivi all member meeting 2016
opengl terrain renderer update: bloom and cascaded shadow maps
grid layout summertime
fonts at the web engines hackfest 2016
the most webkit, chromium/blink and firefox expertise
the most webkit, chromium/blink and firefox expertise
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home /
services services/
areas areas/
platforms platforms/
igalia 24/7 igalia-247/
about us nc/about-us/
contact contact/
igalia /
(show more) /nc/igalia-247/type/news/
igalia /
igalia has joined the khronos group! nc/igalia-247/news/item/igalia-has-joined-the-khronos-group/
igalia /
asumu takikawa joins igalia nc/igalia-247/news/item/asumu-takikawa-joins-igalia/
igalia /
igalia at the genivi all member meeting 2016 nc/igalia-247/news/item/igalia-at-the-genivi-all-member-meeting-2016/
(show more) /igalia-247
iago toral nc/igalia-247/igalian/item/itoral/
manuel rego nc/igalia-247/igalian/item/mrego/
frédéric wang nc/igalia-247/igalian/item/fwang/
browsers and client-side web technologies webkit/
areas areas/
webkit webkit/
chromium/blink /chromium-and-blink/
javascript engines compilers/
graphical pipelines graphics/
multimedia multimedia/
linux kernel kernel/
accessibility accessibility/
more areas/
platforms platforms/
platforms and software distributions. platforms/
info(at)igalia.com javascript:linkto_uncryptmailto('hvdgoj5diajvdbvgdv9xjh');
legal terms /info/legal-terms
privacy policy /info/privacy-policy
cookies /info/cookies
public funding /public-funding
- /igalia-247/news/item/igalia-celebrates-our-15th-anniversary/

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opengl terrain renderer update: bloom and cascaded shadow maps http://blogs.igalia.com/itoral/2016/10/20/opengl-terrain-renderer-update-bloom-and-cascaded-shadow-maps/
grid layout summertime http://blogs.igalia.com/mrego/2016/10/13/grid-layout-summertime/
fonts at the web engines hackfest 2016 http://frederic-wang.fr/fonts-at-the-web-engines-hackfest-2016.html
wpe https://www.igalia.com/wpe/
planet.igalia.com http://planet.igalia.com
twitter https://twitter.com/igalia/
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/igalia/302836501559
google https://plus.google.com/114964282232606721648/posts
linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/igalia/


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search homeservicesareasplatformsigalia 24/7about uscontact igalia igalia is an open source consultancy specialized in the development of innovative projects and solutions. featured news (show more) igalia 14/11/2016igalia has joined the khronos group! happy to become a contributor member igalia 20/10/2016asumu takikawa joins igalia welcome aboard, asumu! igalia 19/10/2016igalia at the genivi all member meeting 2016 we will be there to showcase our latest work blog posts (show more) iago toral 20/10/2016opengl terrain renderer update: bloom and cascaded shadow maps bloom filter the bloom filter makes bright objects glow and bleed through other objects positioned in between them and the camera. it is a common post-processing effect used all the time in video games and animated movies. the demo supports …... manuel rego 13/10/2016grid layout summertime summer season is over and despite of some nice holidays to rest, the igalia team kept doing progress on the css grid layout implementation in chromium/blink and safari/webkit as part of our ongoing collaboration with bloomberg. by the end of... frédéric wang 06/10/2016fonts at the web engines hackfest 2016 last week i travelled to galicia for one of the regular gatherings organized by igalia. it was a great pleasure to meet again all the igalians and friends. moreover, this time was a bit special since we celebrated our 15th anniversary :-) photo... highlight browsers and client-side web technologies we have the most webkit, chromium/blink and firefox expertise found in the consultancy business, including many reviewers and committers. what we do areas igalia innovates in multiple specific areas to deliver the best open source technologies and solutions to its customers. we focus on client-side web technologies including webkit, wpe and chromium/blink, javascript engines, optimization of graphical pipelines, multimedia, the linux kernel, accessibility and more.platforms our expertise and specialization in relevant domains comes from our work on a wide set of platforms and software distributions. from tizen to android and from desktop to embedded, our work and contributions are present in almost anything running on top of a linux kernel. contact a coruña office bugallal marchesi, 22, 1º 15008 a coruña galicia (spain) tel.: +34 981 913991 fax: +34 981 913949 info(at)igalia.cominfo(at)igalia.com planet.igalia.com twitter facebook google linkedin igalia, s.l. © 2016. all rights reserved. legal terms, privacy policy, cookies public funding (fondos públicos)

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expertise - 0.53% (2)
coruña - 0.53% (2)
webkit, - 0.53% (2)
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most - 0.53% (2)
engines - 0.53% (2)
client-side - 0.53% (2)
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source - 0.53% (2)
consultancy - 0.53% (2)
(show - 0.53% (2)
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layout - 0.53% (2)
meet - 0.53% (2)
summer - 0.53% (2)
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grid - 0.53% (2)
galicia - 0.53% (2)
one - 0.53% (2)
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981 - 0.53% (2)
open source - 0.53% (2)
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the igalia - 0.53% (2)
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and solutions - 0.53% (2)
client-side web - 0.53% (2)
our work - 0.53% (2)
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