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Titleface nepal - volunteer in nepal,volunteer overseas in nepal, work with children and adults, volunteer work for teaching english, assist orphans, health,opportinities for environmental work and live with a local family.

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Description face nepal volunteering organisation helping communities in nepal

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welcome to face nepal
news & events
about nepal
contact us
volunteers corner
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home index.php
about us about_us.php
programs programs.php
training training.php
registration registration.php
nepal nepal.php
faq faq.php
international links links.php
contact us contact.php
sponsorship sponsorship.php
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- index.php
face nepal wants you as a volunteer! programs.php
sponsoring a child through school sponsorship.php
- news.php
other recent events and projects... news.php
about nepal about_us.php
volunteers corner volunteer.php

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newsletter 2016 http://facenepal.org/newsletters/2016newsletter.pdf
bagmara village http://facenepal.org/videos/bagmara.wmv
kamalpur school http://facenepal.org/videos/kamalpur.wmv
school life http://facenepal.org/videos/school.wmv
contact us http://facenepal.org/contact.php


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--> home about us programs training registration nepal faq international links contact us sponsorship welcome to face nepal uplifting communities through collaboration, education and friendship do you want a overseas volunteer experience that is meaningful and a provides a sense of contribution to a worthy goal? do you want to experience nepal first hand - living as a volunteer in a local community, forming long-term friendships and experiencing nepal, its people and its culture authentically? face nepal is a unique volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing clear benefit to the community through having direct responsibility to the community and a transparent and ethical organizational structure. volunteer with face nepal if you are interested in supporting a worthy cause and want to be involved in making a positive, meaningful change, then face nepal wants you as a volunteer! if you are unable to volunteer with us, you can still make a huge difference to nepali children by sponsoring a child through school. this can be the difference between attending and not attending school. news & events 21st january 2017 welcome to our newest member of the international board, vinita schurch. vinita has volunteered twice with face nepal and has extensive experience working with ngos in nepal 12th december 2016 our latest annual newsletter is now available, showcasing all our work during 2016: newsletter 2016 10th december 2016 our managing director, shreeram devkota, has produced some videos to provide a good introduction to nepali schools and village life for volunteers: bagmara village, kamalpur school, and school life 8th october 2016 happy dashain to all our friends and supporters!! 12th june 2016 thank you to the university of the west of england, uk, students union for thier kind donation, continuing a fantastic level of support provided by faculty and staff over the past 18 months 12th may 2016 sam, a volunteer who is a qualified electrician, has now completed the rewiring of a public school in patihani, improving safety and availability of power > > april 2013 we have said goodbye to ben who taught at jutpani community school and was sent off in style by his friends and colleagues at the school! he now heads to the everest region for trekking. the new school year has begun! thanks to our sponsors, we are now supporting 19 children through government school who otherwise would not be attending school at all >> other recent events and projects... subscribe to the face nepal enewsletter! enter your email below: about nepal contact us volunteers corner

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to the community - 0.48% (2)
if you are - 0.48% (2)
december 2016 our - 0.48% (2)

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