YouTube to mp3 Converter


How can I increase / decrease the video’s volume?

1: Click on “show more options” before you convert a video
2: Drag the bar to adjust your preferred volume ( Default volume is set at 100% . )
3: Now convert your video and enjoy !

How can I convert a video ?

1: Copy the url of the video you want to convert
2: .Paste the url in the conversion box
3: Select a format type
4: Click on Convert button
5: Wait for conversion to complete .
6: Click on Download your file button
7: You will be taken to a new tab where you will have to wait 5 seconds
8: After 5 seconds, click on the Skip button at the right top to download your file

But why do I have to wait 5 seconds to download my file ?

We understand this might not be what you want but let us explain , CLICK ON ME ! .

How can I crop my file ?

1: When conversion is done click on Edit File Further
2: Drag the slider controls to crop your file
3: Click on Ok, I’m Finished button .
4 : Download your file or try another if you wish .

How can I edit the file’s information ?

Editing the file’s information can be done in the *Edit File Further* section when conversion is done .
Simply change the title , artist name , year etc by filling in each section .

Downloading Video Error

There are times that websites such as Youtube gets a new update and in order to make the conversions work,
we need to update our tool as well . so if you are unable to convert any video at the time ,
it’s because we are working on the new version . We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I convert any video from any site ?

Currently our service supports only Youtube, Dailymotion
Vimeo, Metacafe, Vk and Facebook but we are working on adding more in the future.

Is this service free of charge ? How many times can I use it ?

Our service is absolutely free and limitless so enjoy converting as much videos as you like .
However there are 2-3 limitations due to our server resources limits.
For example, you cannot convert videos longer than 100 minutes Into MP4 and MP3 ( 320kbps )
formats and you will have to wait for your first conversion to end to convert another video .

How long does the conversion take ?

Video conversion time depends on the size of the video .
The standard ( 128kbps ) Mp3 conversion takes less than 20 seconds.

Conversion is taking so long , why is that ?

Conversion may take longer during our high site activity so please be patient or try to convert at any other time .

How can I Install / Use the Addon or Plugin ?

For installation or how to use our addon/plugin please refer to our addon page here .

I like this service , how can I support it ?

We are glad that you like our service :) You could always donate to our service using Paypal here ,
or if you are not able to donate, then sharing us with your friends/family would still mean a lot to us :)

How can I share and let others convert what I have converted ?

it is very simple and can be done by creating a short URL. First, take a look at a few examples :
The abbreviations after our domain name represent a given video hosting site, for example :
yt=youtube , dm=dailymotion , vm=vimeo , fb=facebook , mc=metacafe , vk=vk .
Following the video site abbreviation is the video ID. Every video, from any site, has a corresponding ID, for example: or or

Finally, downloaded/converted file type is specified at the end: mp3, mp4, 3gp, webm, or f4v .

Supported Portals YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook,
and more !!
File Editor Cut files to a given length and add file metadata.
Cloud Support Save your files directly to the Dropbox or OneDrive Cloud.
Mobile Support Support for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.