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Tytuł stronyonline tutoring, online tuition, online tutors - tutorhub

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Description tutorhub is a trusted british online tutoring service with the largest selection of qualified and uk based online tutors, supporting all academic subjects.

Długość: 156, Słowa: 23
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Kodowanie UTF-8
Og Meta - tytuł strony pusty
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Tytuł powinien zawierać pomiędzy 10 a 70 znaków (ze spacjami), a mniej niż 12 słów w długości.
Meta opis powinien zawierać pomiędzy 50 a 160 znaków (łącznie ze spacjami), a mniej niż 24 słów w długości.
Kodowanie znaków powinny być określone , UTF-8 jest chyba najlepszy zestaw znaków, aby przejść z powodu UTF-8 jest bardziej międzynarodowy kodowaniem.
Otwarte obiekty wykresu powinny być obecne w stronie internetowej (więcej informacji na temat protokołu OpenGraph: http://ogp.me/)

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Tekst/HTML 18.47 %
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Zawartość strony internetowej powinno zawierać więcej niż 250 słów, z stopa tekst / kod jest wyższy niż 20%.
Pozycji używać znaczników (h1, h2, h3, ...), aby określić temat sekcji lub ustępów na stronie, ale zwykle, użyj mniej niż 6 dla każdego tagu pozycje zachować swoją stronę zwięzły.
Styl używać silnych i kursywy znaczniki podkreślić swoje słowa kluczowe swojej stronie, ale nie nadużywać (mniej niż 16 silnych tagi i 16 znaczników kursywy)

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Plik należy zmniejszyć całkowite odwołanie plików (CSS + JavaScript) do 7-8 maksymalnie.
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- informal letter

how to write one?

cameron_nash /users/cameron_nash
creative writing /questions/english/creative+writing
- chemistry

when adding _ate in naming a compound is it important that there should be oxygen in the end and there should be 3 or 4 atoms of oxygen

mrtariqmmm /users/mrtariqmmm
exam preparation /questions/exam+preparation
- chemistry

when adding _ate in naming a compound is it important that there should be oxygen in the end and there should be 3 or 4 atoms of oxygen

mrtariqmmm /users/mrtariqmmm
exam preparation /questions/exam+preparation
- smart devices

which smart device is best? a smart phone, laptop, or tablet? what's best for a work team and why? what are the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these devices? is apple better or android or something else? what smart device would you use for work purposes? what smart devices are useful for a work team to be able to share files, etc?

tima2016 /users/tima2016
ict /questions/ict
- assignment help please

your boss at innovations r us, rita webb, has agreed to equip a selected work team with smart devices. instructions: 1. rita asks you to prepare a report for the purchasing committee that will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device for the staff team to use. relevant factors could be:  specific features/advantages at least 2 devices relevant for a specific work team  purchase price/budget considerations  ongoing costs/future proofing  information technology trends for business use  need for staff training  operability with existing operating systems/technology platforms e.g. windows, ios or android  other relevant issues such as types of software to be run 2. innovations r us is an authorised reseller of it equipment. as the report author, you are free to make any realistic assumptions about this nz based company and its operations. however the information presented about the appropriate technology, must be from actual acknowledged sources. e.g. online publications and web sites of similar businesses. 3. the report will need to come to some valid conclusions and make recommendations based on your investigation. 4. the report must be structured according to an acceptable format such as found at: http://www.monash.edu...ogy/report/1.3.3.xml and will include:  cover page  table of contents  introduction  relevant sections/subsections  conclusions  recommendations  reference list/bibliography  appendices (where relevant) 5. references must be formatted using apa (ms word apa acceptable)

tima2016 /users/tima2016
applied ict /questions/ict/applied+ict
- i need to write a essay on the topic below

you are to write an argumentative essay on which element do you think is the best/most useful one on the periodic table? your reasons and claims should be supported by evidence. you cannot make a claim/ reason/ statement without proper evidence to support it. you will pick an element and compare and contrast it to 3 other elements. you will have to do research on your elements and counter elements, do determine your points and counter points. you also need to think of the negatives/ cons to each reason/ statement .. meaning the other point of view. you need to address the counter points/ other points of view, with evidence, and then explain why your element is better one. it is critical that when your paper is read, your element is support beyond a shadow of a doubt.

kirtan /users/kirtan
chemistry /questions/science/chemistry
- essay question about mitochindria, rough endoplasmic reticulum and lysosomes

animal cells, including those of humans, are eukaryotic cells. explain the link between mitochondria in muscle cells and rough endoplasmic reticulum in enzyme secreting cells from salivary glands. the cells in tadpole tails are specialised and contain many more lysosomes compared to its other cells. describe he production of lysosomes and suggest how this adaptation allows a tadople's tail to be absorbed as it changes into a frog. animals tend to be multicellular organisms. give the levels of organisation responsible for creating organisms.

lucylord /users/lucylord
biology /questions/science/biology
- making equivalent ratios


calilove /users/calilove
maths /questions/maths
- matrix

(3 4 6) (2 1 -1) (-1 3 5) determine the matrix

favour /users/favour
further mathematics /questions/mathematics/further+mathematics
- in a hurry!!

what is the difference between lord byron and william wordsworth???

alice886 /users/alice886
english literature /questions/english/english+literature
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