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new life through confession /content/new-life-through-confession
directory 2016-2017 of the archdiocese of goa and daman released /arch-news


the new directory 2016-2017 of the archdiocese of goa and daman was released recently. the publication gives a detailed information about the pastoral activities in the church in goa. it covers parishes in goa and in the far off mission of daman (which includes the union territories of daman, dadra and nagar haveli and diu), institutes of the religious (women and men), educational institutions, technical schools and various other services offered by the archdiocese to the society. new features are included in the present edition of the directory. priced at rs. 100/- it is available at the lighthouse, margao and vasco, pauline book and media centres, panjim and mapusa, jivitacho sondex and pastoral institute, old goa, institute piedade, panjim, archbishop’s house, altinho panjim and some of the parishes in goa.

pastoral letter for the year 2016 - 2017 /arch-news


 new pastoral letter of the archbishop released

at the beginning of yet another pastoral year (2016-2017), the archbishop of goa and daman, most rev. filipe neri ferrao, has released his new pastoral letter at a simple ceremony held at archbishop’s house, panjim, this morning.

a pastoral letter is an open letter addressed by a bishop to the priests, the laity and  all people of good will in his diocese. it generally contains  orientations for the life in a diocese. archbishop ferrao has regularly issued a pastoral letter at the beginning of every pastoral year (june to may). 

the theme of the new pastoral year as well as of the letter is, inspired by venerable fr. agnelo, let us witness to the mercy of god. while keeping the general theme of the jubilee year of mercy proclaimed by pope francis, the letter focuses on the life of saintly fr. agnelo de souza (1869-1927), a priest of the society of pilar on the road to sainthood and venerated worldwide by thousands of goans and non-goans of various faiths.

the pastoral letter was printed by the the pilar printing press and was handed over to the archbishop for the release by the vice-postulator of the cause of fr. agnelo, rev. fr. hilario fernandes, in the presence of the superior general of the society of  pilar, v. rev.  fr. francis carvalho, his counsellors fr. dominic alvares and fr. fredrick rodrigues, the episcopal vicar (central zone), fr. leonardo sousa and the secretary of the archbishop, fr. j. loiola pereira.

the plan of action in the year of mercy /arch-news

the team appointed by archbishop filipe neri ferrão has come out with a plan of action for the year of mercy and in particular for the season of lent in the archdiocese of goa and daman.


1. clarification regarding the door of mercy:

in the archdiocese of goa and daman, the archbishop has officially opened only one door and that is the door of the cathedral church, old goa. all the priviledges that can be obtained by entering the door of mercy are reserved to the door of the cathedral church. this priviledged door is the side door on the left side, if one faces the cathedral church. 

the archbishop, has also designated four other churches in the archdiocese inorder to obtain the indulgences, to go on pilgrimages and to recite prayers.  (see gonvllik chitt no. 15). these are st. jerome’s church, mapusa; holy spirit church, margão; mother of the poor church, tilamola and holy name church, praça, daman.  in all these four churches, the priviledge of entering through a special door is not conceded, but one may enter through any door to avail oneself of all the priviledges without procuring to enter through any special door. 

the case of vanxim property /arch-news

the case of vanxim property

      in the past few weeks, there have been a number of confusing and misleading statements in the print and electronic media regarding the sale of land at vanxim, carried out by the archdiocese of goa. although the archdiocese, through the diocesan centre for social communications media, had issued a clarification regarding the said sale of land in the year 2010, a renewed spurt of misinformation is being spread by some individuals, which calls for a more detailed response from the church. the archdiocese of goa would, therefore, like to put forth in detail the facts, circumstances and the process followed in the said case, for the appraisal of all.

archbishop's address at the annual civic reception on 28/12/2015 /arch-news

address of  most rev. filipe neri ferrão

at the annual civic reception on the occasion of christmas

(archbishop’s house, 28.12.2015)


smt. mridula sinha, governor of goa,

shri laxmikant parsekar, hon’ble chief minister of goa,

shri manohar parrikar, hon’ble union minister for defence,

shri francis d’souza, hon’ble deputy chief minister of goa, smt. d’souza,

honourable ministers and members of the legislative assembly,

honourable members of the parliament,

honourable members of the judiciary,

respected members of the central and state administration,

honourable defence personnel,

respected consular authorities,

esteemed members of the print and electronic media,

reverend colleagues in church leadership and esteemed lay collaborators,

major superiors of religious congregations,

ladies and gentlemen,


         it is with great pleasure that, together with his grace, archbishop raul gonsalves, my respected predecessor, and the other fathers and inmates of this house, i welcome you all to this evening of fellowship with us, in this festive season, which celebrates the birth of jesus christ. we believe that the birth of christ, foretold since times immemorial, came to fulfill the aspirations of humanity and to challenge us to see this earth as good and to make it a better place to live on.

extraordinary year of mercy in the catholic church. /arch-news

the announcement of the year of mercy.

on the 13th of march 2015, the second anniversary of his pontificate, pope francis, made an announcement that he intends to celebrate a special jubilee year of mercy in the church, which would commence on the 8th of december 2015, on the occasion of the feast of immaculate conception of the blessed virgin mary, and would conclude on the 20th of november 2016, on the solemnity of jesus christ, the universal king. during the last two years of his pontificate, he has been showing mercy and compassion to different types of people, many of whom stand on the peripheries of the society. that is the reason why many people call him as the “pope of mercy.” 

the universal church celebrates the year of mercy /arch-news

in his bull of indiction, misericordiae vultus (the face of mercy) signed on the 11th of april, 2015, the holy father, francis, has declared an extraordinary jubilee year of mercy in the church, from the 8th of december 2015 till the 20th november, 2016.  he will inaugurate it the 8th of december, 2015, when the universal church celebrates the solemnity of the immaculate conception of the blessed virgin mary, by officially opening a special door of mercy of st. peter’s basilica in rome. he will conclude it by closing the same door on the 20th of november 2016 on the solemnity of jesus christ, the universal king. this year of mercy will offer several priviledges for the faithful so that they can experience god’s forgiveness and unconditional mercy. these priviledges will be gained by the faithful by undertaking pilgimages to different churches and shrines, by offering prayers, by practicing acts of mercy and by obtaining indulgences.

archdiocese prays for enlightenment for all /arch-news

the archdiocese of goa and the congregation of the blessed sacrament (india) sincerely regret the untimely and tragic death of fr. bismarque dias at sto. estevam and share in the grief of his family and of all those who held him dear and were close to him.


right from day one, the church authorities in goa, through the council for social justice and peace and the priests working in the parish of sto. estevam, have been expressing their solidarity with his family in this painful situation. they have also been closely following the case of his death, without publicizing their efforts, to see that a proper investigation is carried out by the relevant authorities, so that the truth of the matter may be brought to light. on the other hand, the blessed sacrament community at alto santa cruz, goa has been in contact with the bereaved family.

national diocesan celebration of the cononisation of st joseph vaz /arch-news


the archdiocese of goa and thanked god solemnly for the gift of st. joseph vaz on september 26, 2015. on january 14, 2015, this distinguished and holy son of this soil, was declared saint by pope francis in sri lanka, where he exercised his ministry by alone shouldering the task of reviving the church which was on the verge of destruction after the portuguese were expelled by the dutch who had captured the island.

diocesan-national celebration in honour of st joseph vaz /arch-news


diocesan celebration in honour of st joseph vaz will be held on september 26, saturday, 2015 at se cathedral chruch, old goa at 3.30pm. there will be a solemn eucharistic celebration, after which a book on the life and mission of st joseph vaz will be released. the canvas paintings on the life and mission of st joseph vaz will also be inaugrated. around 60 bishops from all over india will participate.

see all... /bible/14/zan/14/26#v26
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