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Titleveneratus consulting – listen for the white knight, plan like the black pawn.

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complex solutions require...
services offered
H4 about victor
twitter feed
what i’m up to:
follow victor
currently attending:
intelligent sources
H6 curious about collaborating? contact us!
curious about collaborating? contact us!
a counteroffer
an angry letter to nabisco
a logistics
curious about collaborating? contact us!
a counteroffer
an angry letter to nabisco
a logistics
em a
curious about collaborating? contact us!
a counteroffer
an angry letter to nabisco
a logistics
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- #
it #
learn more #
- #
dev #
learn more #

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- https://www.victorveneratus.com/
home https://www.victorveneratus.com/
history https://www.victorveneratus.com/about/
services https://www.victorveneratus.com/#
development services https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/dev/
it services https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/it/
creative services https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/creative/
- https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/creative/
creative https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/creative/
learn more https://www.victorveneratus.com/services/creative/
(read more) https://www.victorveneratus.com/about/
praetorian of dorn
the horus heresy, book 39
botnets and internet of things security, ieee computer society https://goo.gl/lzmvtb
supplier http://www.aimtouch.com/
mdm https://goo.gl/qsq3lw
federated search https://goo.gl/nk2kr0
chapters from a vale forlorn, by falconer http://a.co/ckqg6d6
cosmos with carl sagan https://youtu.be/dadubcoeehw?list=plba8dc67d52968201
something with lasers http://a.co/f4cpgi7
philips hue http://iotworm.eyalro.net/iotworm.pdf
the register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/
the hacker news: http://thehackernews.com/
the dumpmon: https://twitter.com/dumpmon?lang=en


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home history services development services it services creative services "> home complex solutions require... "problems do not exist in a vacuum, they are a complex series or parallel interconnected issues of a construct. each requiring its own problem solver, rather than a single solution architect." ~victor veneratus a complex array of skills honed not only over a respectable period of time, but in constant exposure to extreme edge cases. even the most routine of projects can quickly balloon out of control in terms of man hours, budget and resources as an army of experts descend upon it. while this may increase the amount of collective experience available to the client. it also constrains them not only to the bureaucracy created by the experts, but to their own internal regulations that may prevent them from taking innovative or agile action in response to changing conditions. ultimately, the solution architect is unconcerned with his clients problems, rather he is concerned with his client's solution. thus his first priority is to reach it in a quick, cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner. his second priority is the priority in which the problems themselves are dealt with via the successful execution of the architects plan. services offered it for over a decade victor veneratus has lived in the world of technology, the majority of it has been spent placing his clients ahead of the technological curve & securing their digital assets. learn more dev with a variety of hard & soft technical skills honed across multiple fields, victor veneratus couples them with his business acumen to assist clients with software, hardware, and other tech related projects. learn more creative academically, victor veneratus is a trained video game producer & designer. his creative skills extend to business operations, product design, & direction making it easy to facilitate collaboration. learn more curious about collaborating? contact us! your company (required) your name (required) your email (required) subject what are we collaborating on? about victor based in austin. victor is a technologist, agile junkie, veteran it leader, collaborative dev & cybersec nut. weird by city ordinance. (read more) twitter feed what i’m up to: reading: praetorian of dorn the horus heresy, book 39 botnets and internet of things security, ieee computer society writing: a counteroffer to a supplier regarding mpq on behalf of a client. proposal for the adoption of a proper mdm & federated search solutions for a fortune 1000 client. an angry letter to nabisco, that last bag of oreo's was clearly quarter stuffed, not double." a logistics directive documents and supply chain arangements for an upcoming it infrastructure project. listening: chapters from a vale forlorn, by falconer watching: cosmos with carl sagan, back when pluto was a planet damn it. designing: something with lasers well, lidar to be exact coupled with a web app. regreting: being right about the philips hue & being ignored. follow victorcurrently attending: intelligent sources the register: a british tech journal, overly critical, entertaining, but valuable. "bites the hand that feeds it" the hacker news: far too many ads, but quick to the point. great place to source a layman explanation. the dumpmon: hysterical. copyright © victor egil sverdlin; 2016 - 2017. site in fallback mode, someone was too noisy in their recon.

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victor - 1.5% (8)
tech - 1.12% (6)
and - 1.12% (6)
for - 1.12% (6)
are - 0.94% (5)
services - 0.94% (5)
solution - 0.94% (5)
out - 0.94% (5)
not - 0.75% (4)
problem - 0.75% (4)
veneratus - 0.75% (4)
more - 0.75% (4)
them - 0.75% (4)
man - 0.75% (4)
but - 0.75% (4)
architect - 0.56% (3)
that - 0.56% (3)
priority - 0.56% (3)
clients - 0.56% (3)
(required) - 0.56% (3)
problems - 0.56% (3)
your - 0.56% (3)
learn - 0.56% (3)
dev - 0.56% (3)
their - 0.56% (3)
source - 0.56% (3)
client. - 0.56% (3)
skills - 0.56% (3)
creative - 0.56% (3)
complex - 0.56% (3)
quick - 0.56% (3)
about - 0.56% (3)
over - 0.56% (3)
was - 0.56% (3)
back - 0.37% (2)
what - 0.37% (2)
from - 0.37% (2)
right - 0.37% (2)
sources - 0.37% (2)
too - 0.37% (2)
feed - 0.37% (2)
collaborating - 0.37% (2)
being - 0.37% (2)
home - 0.37% (2)
soft - 0.37% (2)
hard - 0.37% (2)
has - 0.37% (2)
concerned - 0.37% (2)
may - 0.37% (2)
it. - 0.37% (2)
experts - 0.37% (2)
projects - 0.37% (2)
even - 0.37% (2)
only - 0.37% (2)
honed - 0.37% (2)
rather - 0.37% (2)
own - 0.37% (2)
each - 0.37% (2)
solutions - 0.37% (2)
agile - 0.37% (2)
to the - 0.75% (4)
with his - 0.56% (3)
learn more - 0.56% (3)
solution architect - 0.37% (2)
priority is - 0.37% (2)
of the - 0.37% (2)
over a - 0.37% (2)
his clients - 0.37% (2)
skills honed - 0.37% (2)
(required) your - 0.37% (2)
with a - 0.37% (2)

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