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Titleluxury hotels near times square – hotels in nyc midtown | the algonquin

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Description experience the algonquin, one of the most historic luxury hotels near times square that places you in the vibrant heart of midtown manhattan.

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algonquin hotel autograph collection
welcome to the algonquin hotel
book now
experience each story
sales & catering
media inquiries
the hotel
the round table
the rooms
the function space
the blue bar
the algonquin cat
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show/hide menu #menu
close #close
skip to content #content
book now #booknow
take the journey /story/the-hotel/
book a room #booknow
rooms & suites /hotel-rooms/
book now #booknow
212.840.6800 tel:212.840.6800
212.419.9334 tel:212.419.9334
212.840.6800 tel:212.840.6800
212.419.9331 tel:212.840.6800
abeer.soliman@marriott.com mailto:abeer.soliman@marriott.com
close #close

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algonquin hotel
autograph collection
stories http://office.alleghenygraphics.com/!work/algonquin/story
the hotel http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/the-hotel/
the round table http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/round-table/
the algonquin cat http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/algonquin-cat/
the blue bar http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/blue-bar/
the rooms http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/rooms/
function space http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/function-space/
location | contact http://www.algonquinhotel.com/contact-us/
room types http://www.algonquinhotel.com/hotel-rooms
dine http://www.algonquinhotel.com/dining
area attractions http://www.algonquinhotel.com/local-area-attractions
events http://www.algonquinhotel.com/events
press http://www.algonquinhotel.com/press-room
special offers http://www.algonquinhotel.com/hotel-special-offers
careers http://www.algonquinhotel.com/careers
privacy policy http://www.algonquinhotel.com/privacy-policy/



theround table




thefunction space


theblue bar


thealgonquin cat

take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/the-hotel/
take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/round-table/
take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/rooms/
take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/function-space/
take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/blue-bar/
take the journey http://www.algonquinhotel.com/story/algonquin-cat/
59 west 44th street | between fifth and sixth avenues | new york, ny 10036 https://www.google.com/maps/place/the+algonquin+hotel+times+square/@40.756047,-73.98232,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x89c258fff2656a9d:0x24a8b01b03d6c4ed
facebook https://www.facebook.com/algonquinhotel?ref=ts
instagram https://instagram.com/algonquinnyc/
twitter https://twitter.com/algonquinnyc
youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/algonquinhotel
mayday http://mayday.is


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javascript is required for this website to be displayed correctly. please enable javascript before continuing... loading... algonquin hotel autograph collection show/hide menu closeskip to contentstoriesthe hotelthe round tablethe algonquin catthe blue barthe roomsfunction spacegenerallocation | contactroom typesdinearea attractionseventspressspecial offerscareersprivacy policybook now welcome to the algonquin hoteltake the journeybook a roomrooms & suitesexperience each story thehotel theround table therooms thefunction space theblue bar thealgonquin cat the hotelit debuted among very pedigreed neighbors in 1902, a magnet for the glitterati that were drawn to one of the finest luxury hotels near times square. its relevance endures – a beacon of modern sophistication that lights up the city. take the journeythe round tablea draw for new york’s literary, artistic and theatrical elite – including the original “vicious circle” of the roaring 20’s – the round table restaurant still inspires with a tasteful and modern take on american cuisine. take the journeythe roomsthe historic essence is undeniable, the modern comforts, sublime. the effortless combination of both epitomizes the algonquin’s accommodations – stylish, well appointed, and among the most tranquil of hotels in nyc midtown. take the journeythe function spaceindustry parties, book launches, cocktail receptions. even small weddings. planned gatherings – both social and business in nature – reveal their own legendary moments in spaces and surroundings known for its iconic status. take the journeythe blue barperfect for a pre- or post-theater nightcap, the blue bar still stirs the imagination as it has in decades past, with classic cocktails and its intriguing blue lighting, a motif suggested by legendary actor john barrymore. take the journeythe algonquin catthe first algonquin cat was a wanderer, accorded the same warm hospitality as the hotel’s guests. since then, 10 cats – appropriately named either hamlet or matilda according to their gender – have called the algonquin home. take the journey 59 west 44th street | between fifth and sixth avenues | new york, ny 10036 book now reservations212.840.6800concierge212.419.9334sales & catering212.840.6800media inquiries212.419.9331emailabeer.soliman@marriott.com facebookinstagramtwitteryoutubecrafted by mayday © 2017 algonquin hotel. all rights reserved. close book now check in check out check in check out -->

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hotel - 2.62% (9)
take - 2.33% (8)
and - 2.33% (8)
- 2.33% (8)
cat - 2.33% (8)
for - 2.33% (8)
journey - 2.03% (7)
book - 1.74% (6)
journeythe - 1.45% (5)
bar - 1.45% (5)
blue - 1.45% (5)
round - 1.45% (5)
now - 1.16% (4)
table - 1.16% (4)
all - 1.16% (4)
check - 1.16% (4)
space - 1.16% (4)
own - 0.87% (3)
function - 0.87% (3)
out - 0.87% (3)
its - 0.87% (3)
modern - 0.87% (3)
draw - 0.58% (2)
hotels - 0.58% (2)
catthe - 0.58% (2)
close - 0.58% (2)
among - 0.58% (2)
that - 0.58% (2)
legendary - 0.58% (2)
even - 0.58% (2)
their - 0.58% (2)
new - 0.58% (2)
cocktail - 0.58% (2)
near - 0.58% (2)
both - 0.58% (2)
with - 0.58% (2)
still - 0.58% (2)
javascript - 0.58% (2)
take the - 2.03% (7)
the journeythe - 1.45% (5)
algonquin hotel - 0.87% (3)
the round - 0.87% (3)
the blue - 0.87% (3)
book now - 0.87% (3)
algonquin catthe - 0.58% (2)
to the - 0.58% (2)
in check - 0.58% (2)
take the journeythe - 1.45% (5)
the blue bar - 0.87% (3)
in check out - 0.58% (2)
check in check - 0.58% (2)

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