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Titlehome — aba search & replace

Length: 37, Words: 6
Description aba is a tool for replacing text in multiple files. with aba, you can quickly correct errors on your web pages, replace banners and copyright notices, change method names, and perform other text-processing tasks.

Length: 212, Words: 34
Keywords search, replace, multiple files, text, total commander
Charset UTF-8
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Words/Characters 388
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aba search and replace
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español /?lang=es
features /features/
docs /docs/
blog /blog/
download /download/
ordering /order/
contact /support/
- /features/
more screenshots /features/
multi-line /docs/howtomultiline.php
regular expression support /docs/regexprelements.php
utf-8 /docs/howtounicode.php
undo /docs/howtoundo.php
search history /docs/searchhistory.php
favorites. /docs/howtosavefavorites.php
windows explorer /docs/howtoselectfiles.php
total commander. /docs/totalcmd.php
help /docs/
download now! /setup.exe
register /buy/
portable version /abareplace23portable.zip
cleaning the output /blog/html_convertor/
contact /support/

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jonathan kraft http://www.identitytheftsecrets.com
frank stephens http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/aba-search-and-replace-2/


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aba search and replacereplace in multiple files with a single mouse clickenglish | españolhomefeaturesdocsblogdownloadorderingcontact more screenshots what do users say i've been using aba search and replace for just three hours now, and already i have saved, quite easily, 20-25 hours worth of work i would have had to do without the use of your program. i really appreciate you for creating such a simple and useful tool. jonathan kraft this is a very well-written search / search-and-replace utility. lean, exceptionally fast, easy to use. this was one of those utilities that i don't normally need, but after checking out the website and features, even though there are freeware offerings, this was well worth the purchase just to have available. the incremental search speed is astonishing. frank stephens replacing text in several files used to be a tedious and error-prone task. aba search and replace solves the problem, allowing you to correct errors on your web pages, replace banners and copyright notices, change method names, and perform other text-processing tasks. features incremental search: the results are displayed immediately as you are typing the text to search for.multi-line search and replace.regular expression support including lookaround, non-greedy matching, and other advanced features.replace in unicode files (utf-8, utf-16).preview before replacement: other tools require confirmation for each replacement, while aba shows the list of replacements in context. you can review the list and confirm the changes at once.undo for any replacement.search history and favorites.syntax highlight for regular expressions, html, css, js, and php files.integration with windows explorer and total commander.context-sensitive help, references and tutorial included. download now!register portable version usage examples for web designers: changing headers, menus, meta tags, footers, copyright notices, and other repetitive elements of your web pages;adding registered trademark sign (®, ™) to every occurrence of your product name;cleaning the output of an automated conversion tool (for example, a pdf to html converter). for programmers: inserting a header with the author name, copyrights, etc. to the beginning of each source code file;renaming a class, method, or function and even adding or removing method parameters. translations german, italian, and spanish translations are available. i'm looking for people who can translate aba into other languages (especially french). © peter kankowski, 2007—2017 (contact)

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Numbers of all words: 369

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and - 5.69% (21)
the - 5.15% (19)
for - 3.25% (12)
replace - 3.25% (12)
search - 2.71% (10)
you - 2.17% (8)
use - 1.63% (6)
aba - 1.36% (5)
text - 1.36% (5)
are - 1.36% (5)
other - 1.36% (5)
with - 1.08% (4)
features - 1.08% (4)
files - 1.08% (4)
web - 1.08% (4)
your - 1.08% (4)
copyright - 0.81% (3)
have - 0.81% (3)
out - 0.81% (3)
tool - 0.81% (3)
this - 0.81% (3)
method - 0.81% (3)
review - 0.54% (2)
regular - 0.54% (2)
confirm - 0.54% (2)
can - 0.54% (2)
html - 0.54% (2)
code - 0.54% (2)
adding - 0.54% (2)
translations - 0.54% (2)
header - 0.54% (2)
list - 0.54% (2)
version - 0.54% (2)
sign - 0.54% (2)
download - 0.54% (2)
incremental - 0.54% (2)
very - 0.54% (2)
was - 0.54% (2)
worth - 0.54% (2)
hours - 0.54% (2)
just - 0.54% (2)
one - 0.54% (2)
even - 0.54% (2)
change - 0.54% (2)
expression - 0.54% (2)
notices, - 0.54% (2)
available. - 0.54% (2)
well - 0.54% (2)
each - 0.54% (2)
search and - 1.08% (4)
aba search - 0.81% (3)
of your - 0.81% (3)
the list - 0.54% (2)
and other - 0.54% (2)
your web - 0.54% (2)
this was - 0.54% (2)
copyright notices, - 0.54% (2)
search and replace - 1.08% (4)
aba search and - 0.81% (3)

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